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Our Method of cleaning

We use our pure water fed pole system that enables us to agitate the baked on grime and bird mess from the panels safety from the ground level, Our Ultra Pure water Leaves you will fully efficient shiny panels.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are a great investment, but it’s important they provide a good return on your investment and save you money for as long as they continue to work efficiently. Just like any other surface exposed to the elements it don’t take long for dirt, bird droppings and residue to build up. Regular solar panel cleaning is essential to ensure their effectiveness and in some cases can improve efficiency by up to 30%

How Often do I need to clean solar panels?

By keeping the solar panels as clean as possible, The more amount of arrays from the sun hits the panels increasing power that made. It may also be cheaper to have them cleaned more often in order to produce more power and make greater energy savings.

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